Clinical Research Support


As a Consortium Cancer Center that is comprised of four institutions, we are continuously challenged to ensure that all the cancer trials at our center are conducted with the highest possible standards for safety and scientific integrity. Ensuring the safety and integrity of clinical trials is not only essential to our research, but is also an integral part of meeting expectations for our NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center.  One of these expectations is that our Center has a uniform set of policies that govern all cancer-related clinical research.  

Leadership of all the Consortium partner institutions developed and appointed the Clinical Research Oversight Committee (CROC). The CROC is chaired by Fredrick Appelbaum and includes Marc Stewart (SCCA and UW Medical Oncology), Douglas Hawkins (Seattle Children’s), Paul Ngheim (UW Medical Oncology), Oliver Press (FHCRC Clinical Research Division), and Eric Holland (FHCRC Human Biology Division). This committee is charged with approving and enforcing Consortium policies and procedures as well as ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and guidelines.

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