Clinical Research Support

New Applications

  • Clinical Trial Activity Summary (CTAS) (revised 03/12/14)
    A Clinical Trial Activity Summary (a.k.a. Activity Summary) is required for all therapeutic and diagnostic studies submitted to the Research Implementation Office (RIO) for research pricing and/or implementation review for services occurring at SCCA as of Sept. 1, 2012. The primary purpose of the Activity Summary is for facilitating the financial clearance process for clinical trials.

  • Clinical Trial Planning and Implementation (CTPI) form (revised 06/30/14)
    The purpose of this form is to facilitate the implementation of clinical trials that will utilize the SCCA as a performance site by providing pricing for clinical services which will be charged and invoiced to the study budget via an RRR account. This form must be completed to receive pricing for study feasibility analysis and budget planning or to initiate scheduling an implementation review.
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