Clinical Research Support

New Applications

  • Cancer Consortium Submission Form (added 09/22/14)
    Collects basic information that identifies funding, type of reviews required and information for Core Grant reporting. Completed forms should be submitted to Clinical Research Support.

    NOTE: This document replaces the former Cancer Consortium Submission Checklist (version date 12/03/2013) that will be accepted through October 31, 2014. Beginning November 1, 2014, CRS will only accept this new Cancer Consortium Submission Form (version date 09/22/2014 or later).

  • Application for Review - Interventional Research
    Use for research involving a research intervention with the intent to change the participant. Research involving a clinical intervention, behavioral interventions, dietary interventions, or any other interaction with a living participant with the intent to change their biomedical condition or behavior should use this form.

  • Application for Review - Observational Research
    Use for research involving interactions with a living participant for the purpose of collecting data or specimens from the participant with no intent to change them. Biospecimen collection, survey research, long term follow-up, observational research, and other data/specimen gathering involving an interaction with a living participant should use this form. Note, if the collection of data or specimens also involves an intervention, use the Interventional Research version of the IRB application.

  • Application for Review - Specimen and Data (No Participant Contact) Research
    Use for research projects involving human specimens or data where the scope of the research project does not involve interacting with a living participant. Ancilary studies involving specimens or data collected under another research protocol, repositories and coordinating centers with no participant interactions, research involving non-commercially available de-identified specimens/data/cell lines derived from a human, and any other activity involving human specimens or data where there is no interaction with the human. Note, if the collection of data or specimens also involves interaction with a human, use the Observation or Interventional version of the IRB application.

  • Approval to Use Radiation with Human Research Subjects

  • Continued Approval to use Radiation with Human Research Subjects

  • Industry Sponsorship Form
    FHCRC industry-sponsored studies only. Gives basic Industry Sponsor information prior to the draft contract.

  • IRB Supplements
    Links to IRB supplemental forms

  • Attachment A (revised 07/18/14)
    Application Routing and Review Form

  • Attachment A Instructions (revised 07/18/14)
    How to complete the Attachment A

  • UW/CC - IRB coversheet and review authorization
    UW Consortium CC-IRB submissions only

  • UW/WIRB Coversheet
    UW Consortium WIRB submissions only

  • WIRB Application Form

  • External Performance Site Feasibility Checklist
    Cancer Consortium submissions that require EPSAC review
  • Clinical Trial Activity Summary (CTAS) (revised 03/12/14)
    A Clinical Trial Activity Summary (a.k.a. Activity Summary) is required for all therapeutic and diagnostic studies submitted to the Research Implementation Office (RIO) for research pricing and/or implementation review for services occurring at SCCA as of Sept. 1, 2012. The primary purpose of the Activity Summary is for facilitating the financial clearance process for clinical trials.

  • Clinical Trial Planning and Implementation (CTPI) form (revised 06/30/14)
    The purpose of this form is to facilitate the implementation of clinical trials that will utilize the SCCA as a performance site by providing pricing for clinical services which will be charged and invoiced to the study budget via an RRR account. This form must be completed to receive pricing for study feasibility analysis and budget planning or to initiate scheduling an implementation review.
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