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Updated IRB Authorization Agreement Templates

November 15, 2013 - The FHCRC IRB Authorization Agreement Templates have been updated. These agreements are used when institutional IRBs rely on each other for review of research involving Human
Subjects. Numerous changes have been made to be consistent with expectations from the
Association for Accreditation for Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP). The
most substantial change is the addition of a division of responsibilities component, which
more clearly delineates the responsibilities of each IRB in the agreement.
Situations under which an agreement would be necessary have not changed. If you needed
an agreement before, you will still need one now. Only the content of the template
agreement has changed.

Existing agreements are not being updated at the current time. The change will apply to
new agreements being negotiated and signed.

Additional information on these agreements can be found here:
CenterNet and Extranet

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