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Bezos Immunotherapy Innovation Grants- 2016

Funds are available through the Bezos family Immunotherapy Initiative to support collaborative projects in immunotherapy by Consortium investigators. 

Grants will range from $250,000 – 400,000 per year plus associated facilities and administrative costs.  A Letter of Interest is due 12/15/15, see below for details.  Applicants should expect to be notified by 1/15/16 if a full proposal will be considered.  Full proposals (5 pages) will be due 2/15/2016.  Projects will be awarded for one year with the possibility of a second year of funding, depending on progress and productivity.

The objective of this funding is to support novel interdisciplinary research with translational endpoints.  Priority will be given to innovative projects that forge new collaborations in immunotherapy between researchers in a wide range of fields, including cancer genomics, solid tumor research, bioinformatics, computational biology, imaging, basic biology and immunobiology, among many others.  The committee will be looking for projects that create new collaborations with high potential to lead to the next breakthroughs in the development of immunotherapeutics. 

Bezos Immunotherapy FOA





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